25 January 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Dogs watching TV... or not

Why do some dogs love watching TV and others just ignore it? At home we used to have a doggie who watched TV every night, and I was too small to remember this, but was told by authoritative sources (my family) that he used to cry when sad things were going on. Other people have told me about their dogs who love watching shows with animals in them ? what gives? Ginga and Booboo couldn't care less what's on TV, even if it is chimpanzees (I think Ginga is a quarter-chimpanzee so he should have a natural affinity for them). Anyway so I looked around (what did people do before the internet - ha ha maybe that's why they had time on their hands to invent it) and found out that an Aussie called Dr. Paul McGreevey had asked the same question and actually dissected doggie eyes to figure out the answer. Anyway dogs of different breeds have different kinds of eyes - structurally different. So these guys think that short-nosed dogs have vision more like us and can appreciate TV while long-nosed dogs can't - they're better with peripheral vision and hunting and things like that. Hmmm... maybe I should look for a postdoctoral position in that lab.

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Rohini said...

I have had had a total of 5 dogs as pets at various points in my life and none of them ever showed even the slightest interest in TV even when Animal Planet was on.

Thanks for visiting my blog and adding me to your links. Have reciprocated in kind and also asked some fellow dog lovers to check out your blog as well