23 July 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager


Booboo's going in for surgery on Wednesday for his bum leg. Well actually it's patellar luxation, which means that his kneecap gets dislocated easily. In his case it prefers to stay dislocated so he limps around and is very sad :(. This might be due to a birth defect or due to injury, the doctors are not quite sure but on wednesday they will scrape the bone so that it is more compatible with the kneecap and adjust some ligaments so that the kneecap prefers to be in the correct place. Then he'll have to be restricted for 3-6 weeks from playing and running and jumping so I-mei's friend lent her a doggie cage for him where he can stay when we cannot supervise him. The plan is also to stick a computer with a webcam on so we can monitor him from our lab. That should be an interesting technological challenge.

It's been quite sad for the humans lately, with Booboo having small health issues... he had a seizure again early saturday morning, and his voice keeps cracking when he barks. The doctors will take a look at his throat when they do the knee surgery, because they said that it could be a number of things, collar/leash injuries or a growth or some other vocal cord problem. Hopefully all his little problems will get sorted out on wednesday and he'll be back as the doggie he was before all this stuff started happening. In the meantime here are some pictures of them.



Where are you going, take us with you!

That looks good, may we have that?

BooBoo checks out the cage...

Ginga checks out the cage...

I check into the cage...


lova said...

Hey, in the cage, you look like Mad Max in "beyond the thunderdome", only if the thunderdome shrinked and you were fighting Dog Food to death.

Mayuri said...

I hope Boo-boo gets better after the surgery. We missed him at Dagmar's place, as did Lily and Ginga.
So here's wishing Boo-boo a speedy recovery from all the Gingaboo lovers around the world.

Rohini said...

Awww! Poor BooBoo. Hope he gets well soon. *blows BooBoo a long distance kiss*

video said...

poor booboo... hope he gets well soon... :-(

Mosilager said...

Lova, woohoo I look like Mel Gibson, awesome... if that is a good thing ?

Ladies, thanks for the good wishes, hopefully he'll be better after the surgery. Right now they are both sad because Ginga has gone on vacation to his other aunty's until booboo gets better.