30 July 2006

Pawsted by imei

sweet athletic Booboo

Booboo is getting much better today. He is probably used to walk on three legs and starts to run a bit today (trailed by Lova). Although he is still very tired because of all the pills he is taking , he is in good spirit and is eating and drinking fine. He keeps licking the spot they shaved him, maybe a little irritating or something. Obviously he got much better handling the big heavy red bandage and performed a little "athletic feat"
pas de bourre !! :)

He also learned to use the pillow and help him turn to lay on the bad leg side for a change so the other leg is not always sleepy. Good booboo!!


Rohini said...

What a trooper BooBoo is. Beanz and Buddy are terrible patients!

The red bandage looks like BooBoo is giving a big finger to the world!

Amrita said...

Yay for BooBoo. He is such a brave one. Wishing him a speeedy recovery. :-)

lova said...

> rohini, thanks for the kind words, he is a super trooper :), I think he was giving a finger to us though: "you did this to me" ! He got a little mad about the itching and ripped the bandage off. He is now wearing a lamp shaped collar.
>amrita, appreciate the support. The leg is recovering fine but there are other small concerns. He will be fine though, he is trotting along :)