25 July 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Ginga /Boo analogies

It has been a recurrent game in Lafayette to figure out the best analogy for the Ginga/Boo duo.
There were a lot of proposed duos (or is it dua ?): Laurel and Hardy came up often, Pinkie and the Brain was a good one, Maverick and Iceman (?), Puss in boots and Donkey and so on, you name it, we have probably done it. In my opinion, here is the definite analogy: Asterix (Boo) and Obelix (Ginga): physically, it works: the brute force of Ginga and the speed of Boo. Other similarities: the smarts of Boo and the strength of Ginga, the constant bickering and making up between the 2, Ginga's appettite is Obelix-esque while Boo is more selective. Romans would be rabbits and wild boars would be pig ears.... therefore , I propose Gingix and Boobix as their secret code names.


Mosilager said...

Awesome! The cat could be dogmatix.

lova said...

would that make you Getafix, the provider of Ginga's magic potion ? :)
I forgot other similarities: Boo/Asterix is the hairy one (mustache), Ginga/Obelix is bit of a "cuddle-slut" with Falbala (Lili?). They just need to find their magic potion again because they are not in fine form right now. (I am typing so late because I cannot fall asleep) :)