16 July 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

oneredpaperclip 2: the ginga/boo version

Ginga and BooBoo are wise dogs and they know a great idea when they see one (i.e, cheese sticks and plastic bones: great ideas). So upon hearing about Kyle McDonald's great adventure (Kyle bartered a red paper clip into a house) Ginga/boo thought: "hey clever guy, but we don't have a red paper clip". What they have is an open, 2/3 empty box of dog snacks. So here goes: Ginga/Boo will barter their precious possession for anything until they get their own doghouse. Ginga is slightly food-driven so Booboo had to do a lot of convincing to get Ginga to agree to let go of the box. So C'mon friends, let's hear the offers :).

Now If anyone offers a trip to Paris for Ginga/Boo like those 2 guys here, we might have to reconsider the doghouse :). (Pics from "betty and rita go to Paris")

Update: Rohini's offer ( canine cup for the empty dog snack) has been accepted by GingaBoo :). Since GingaBoo travel' s authorization is still a work in progress, we will have to make believe Gingaboo somehow managed to visit Rohini and shake paws on the deal. :) In fact, GingaBoo had a blast visiting India. They promised to come back very soon, Arf ! Here is the cup: cute, heh ?


Rohini said...

GingaBoo: I see your empty snack box and raise you one cup of doggy coffee

lova said...

Rohini, that's a good deal ! In Kyle's adventure, he made a point to travel to the trader's place to complete the transaction. However, Gingaboo's passports are not in order yet so we will have to be hold on the deal for now :). Love the doggy starbuck-cup though !

Rohini said...

Thanks for visiting. You've been tagged :)