16 July 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Quick BooBoo update

Booboo was limping for some time so we took him to the doctor's. They said that he has a knee dislocation problem. The leg keeps slipping out so either the bone there is not formed correctly or his ligaments are too long or flexible. He has figured out how to put it back in, and it doesn't pain him, but he does have some discomfort and limps a little. Some days he doesn't limp as much, other days he limps more. The doctors suggested waiting for a few weeks and then if things don't improve to try surgery. They will not know which of the problems it is until they actually open the leg and see for themselves. Poor Booboo. Poor Ginga too, as he gets bored because Booboo is not interested in having a dog who weighs 12 kg more than him jumping on him.

Paraphrased from the doggies' aunty's report:
The doggies did have a good time this morning as they went to vacation at their aunt's house overnight. They got to swim in a pond in the morning but they were more interested in playing with each other than chasing the mean looking geese / water fowl or ducks. Maybe Ginga was scared because there were too many of the birds, before there was only one and he had swum after it. The leader of the geese was trying to look big and kept moving his head forwards and backwards, probably threatening to bite. Unfortunately for him the dogs were not looking in his direction and were chasing each other through the duck infested waters. There's something itchy in the water though, because Ginga rubbed his body on the grass afterwards. He also managed to get a fishhook stuck in his leash which took some time coming out. Now how he managed that is still a mystery, maybe he was using his leash as a fishing line :) Next step in dog evolution - learning how to fish and probably exaggerating the fish's size too.

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