01 July 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Ginga learns to frisbee, BooBoo recovery

We went to the football field with Ginga and BooBoo to test their world cup skills. They were excited on the way there and kept trying to smell the air from the car... or maybe they were just thinking that they were running very fast without any effort.


Ginga has been a little bored because BooBoo has a knee problem and spends a lot of time sleeping. So we tried to teach him how to fetch. He does it for a price... yes, you guessed it, peanuts.


BooBoo looks at me, "what, no more treats?"

We thought BooBoo was better after his week of rest from the dislocated knee but it hasn't healed yet, he didn't run around as much as usual and was putting more weight on his right foot than his left so he has to go to the doctor soon. He still seems to be OK while chasing bullfrogs in a stream close by, but we'll have it looked at.


Rohini said...

Is that a convertible? Or a sun roof?

Mosilager said...

it's a sun (moon?) roof... convertible would be awesome! but then i would be 4wd and not mosilager

Rohini said...

Well sun roofs are pretty cool too though not as cool as convertibles I must admit...

I just saw your last comment in reply to mine on the cooking - take my word for it, I am TERRIBLE cook. I have been known to screw up suuposedly fool-proof recipes!

Mosilager said...

ha ha ha ok i believe you. i am so worried about plagiarism that i only read the recipe, then throw it away and make the dish from what i remember of the recipe :) maybe that approach will work. of course it helps to be surrounded by people who don't know what it's 'supposed' to taste like

my dream is to have a motorcycle with a sidecar like in sholay and have ginga and booboo riding in it! someday

Mayuri said...

Ranjit..how did you take that picture where we can see both Ginga and I-mei? I hope you were not driving the car!!! Coz it looks like Baerbel's car. So I guess u were in the back seat..Right??

Mosilager said...

you're absolutely right M I was in the back of the car and stuck my hand out to take a random picture. luckily ginga's head was in it!