24 July 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Ginga the tailsprained scientist dog

Given all the attention that BooBoo is getting because of his impending surgery and past seizures and being underweight, Ginga was feeling a little left out. So he decided that he would do something dramatic so that we would notice him as much. Since yesterday he decided to walk around with a limp tail and to try to reach around to bite his own butt. He also stopped sitting properly and started sitting to the side rather than on his anus. When we lifted up his tail we were introduced to a new smell that previously had only been circulating in our worst nightmares. A quick google search revealed that his anal sacs may be blocked.

Anal sacs - they have an extremely stinky liquid in them, most animals can spray the contents out in self-defense or if they just feel like stinking up the neighbourhood. Cats and dogs have lost this ability (thankfully, otherwise we would be living our worst nightmares) and the act of doing No. 2 (pooping) actually releases this liquid. When the sacs get blocked they has to be relieved (expressed is the vet term) by actually pushing the anal sacs physically to remove it. So I tried to relieve the pressure but that didn't seem to work as doggie was still trying to bite around there.

Then BooBoo decided to come outside and Ginga started to sniff his behind as a control experiment to figure out what an arse should really smell like. Exposure to so many scientists has taught him a lot. Anyway then BooBoo turned around and smelt Ginga's nose. He didn't say it but he was thinking, "Dude you got problems. Your face smells like your arse. And it stinks."

Well I'm happy to report that I took Ginga went to the vet, by then his anal sacs were empty so he must have unblocked it himself. His tail is still down and the docs think that he might have sprained it, although we have no idea how. Hmm... maybe he sat on it, come to think of it. Oddly enough it raises when he is urinating. I don't know what to make of that.

edit - it took about a week for Ginga's tail to get back to normal. it improved a lot in 2 days, he could raise about 60% of it by then and 100% 4-5 days after that.


Anonymous said...

Hi how is booboo doing? Is he doing better? and what's going on with Ginga? since he was an only child before he has to learn not to be jealous!!! Anyway seems like booboo and ginga got along very well and having a wonderful time! and they have got so many fans all over the world!

Mosilager said...

Hi motomama,

BooBoo will have surgery on Wednesday and after that we have to stop him from jumping around for 6 weeks. Ginga is on vacation with his aunty right now until BooBoo can play with him again. He is enjoying hunting ducks and geese in the nearby park (he swims very well) but gets distracted by mama ducks trying to protect their young very easily. He's making lots of friends around the new apartment and seems to be loved by his neighbours there.

He did sprain his tail somehow while he was alone in the apartment but he seems to be getting better today. He's put himself on a diet and hasn't eaten much of his regular food so he was 31 kgs and now he's down to about 30 and dropping.

Ginga does get a little jealous when we greet BooBoo but we don't cuddle him if he exhibits any jealousy at all so it's dropped significantly. He thinks BooBoo is his boss and wants to follow him around all over the place. He's been a little bored since BooBoo started having knee problems so we are trying to teach him to fetch. It's easy because he loves to eat so much! Thanks for coming by, and any luck with old Ginga puppy pictures?

lova said...

I think that was the longest piece about anal sacs ever. I am just happy I was not snacking when I read this. "your face smells like you arse and it stinks" isn't that a line from Top Gun :) ?

Mosilager said...

Hey there's a whole website dedicated to anal sacs here. I should have put a warning on the post - do not eat while reading. "Face, arse, what's the difference?" is a line from Coupling but I don't think there was any line like that in Top Gun... if there was it probably involved Iceman pulling "the bite."