27 July 2006

Pawsted by imei

Booboo is home

We picked up booboo from the vet this morning. He has a big bandage on his leg. He was very happy to see us and tried to jump with only three legs. We put him into his new cage, he drank lots of water and ate lots of treats and food. The doctor said he has one of the worst knee he has seen, but believed the surgery went very well and he put all the things into the right places; and now it's up to booboo for the healing process. Booboo seems very happy to get back, although not pleased with us left him in the cage. He will be on antibiotics and pain killer for the next 10 days and hopefully he will behave and rest a lot. The doctor wouldn't be able to see anything obviously wrong when checked his throat/vocal cord? thus we don't really know why he has a voice breaking problem yet. I think we should just take one thing at a time so he doesn't get overwhelmed. Because of how bad the knee looked like, the doctor believes its genetically dislocated to start with and I think probably some later injuries had made it worse. I wonder how he could run so fast and so beautifully when he has a bad knee like that. I hope he'll recover well and be able to run like before again. In the meantime we need to make sure he gets lots rest, little activities, very clean bandages, on time for all his pills, lots of treats, lots of kisses and lots of loves.


Mosilager said...

tell him his future daddy will be back soooon...

lova said...

"Bouke, I am your father...."
Booboo is a trooper. He's been in the cage 2 days in a row and does not pout afterwards. He is happy outside hopping on 3 legs, showing off his bright red bandage to match his collar. His throat is better but not there yet.