26 July 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

BooBoo update, Ginga and Lily

BooBoo went for his surgery today. The doctor took one look at his dislocated knee and said that it's pretty bad and needs surgery with 3 things - shortening the tendon that holds the kneecap in place (or out of place in this case), relocation to the opposite side and deepening the groove so that the kneecap fits there better. It will take 3 months before he is fully fit again and we really have to watch it in the next two weeks that he does not exert himself at all. Well, now we all have imprinted upon our souls what 'patellar luxation' means. In other health news, Ginga's sprained tail seems to be getting better by the day. He can hold it up higher today and it's no longer completely constrained by the vicissitudes of gravity.

Just yesterday BooBoo got his summer haircut which makes us a little unhappy but him extremely happy because he feels light and cool.


Ginga in the meantime got kissed by his aunty and also got some treats (yes motomama I took the treat picture for you):
ginga_imei gingalookingup

He also played with Lily at a party, they were wrestling for most of the evening:

BooBoo will come back home tomorrow, we could not visit him at the hospital today because he would get too worked up. Then he has to go into a cage with very short potty breaks outside so that he doesn't hurt himself. Ginga will continue to be on vacation at aunty Doc's house until BooBoo gets well enough to play.

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Hugs and kisses to BooBoo