03 July 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Meet Toby and Dick: GingaBoo's ethiopian relatives

Dick is the big one and the father of Toby, the one who playfully bites him. I guess she is asking her daddy for a new car or something. The legend ( mostly my mother in Addis- Ababa ) states that Toby is mother is a fox (?) and by that she means a real fox , not a very sexy female dog. Toby kind of look like a fox though. The sad story is that some people roaming around the house threw stones at her and she lost her right eye :(. Dick is thrilled to have someone to pass on his football skills to. He conveniently did not consider that she is a girl and probably could care less about football, unless there is an equivalent to Beckham in doggy-football.

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