13 August 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

temporary reunification

...preview for people who haven't been following the story: BooBoo had surgery on his knee so Ginga had to go away to his Aunty's house while BooBoo recovers...

Since BooBoo started wanting to play again and Ginga was extensively walked in the morning, we decided to bring Ginga home again so that they could meet and check up on each other and Ginga could tell BooBoo about the diet and the ducks and the swimming and how much he is missing his daddy and BooBoo while he is on vacation. They met, they sniffed each other and then decided that it was all too much and lay around until the hammering started. Then uncle Lova took them outside.



Ginga started appreciating fine art:


This is Ginga's best impression of BooBoo face:


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