18 August 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Cleo is not a cat anymore ...

We have evidence that cleo has slowly transformed into a dog by catching on the dog-friendly vibe in the apartment:
1) She is now the size of a small dog: 12 lbs ( all fat and fur)
2) she has mastered the Ginga roll-over move.
3) everything takes a back seat to treats and other cat food.
4) cuddling with human is fun and gets you more treats.
5) It is OK to enter the bathroom when people are in it.
6) Voice your opinion as often as possible.

But here is the definite proof: today while trying to jump down from the top of the fridge on to the kitchen counter to get her food, Cleo wanted to avoid spilling her milk so she jumped a little too close to the edge. The problem is, she forgot she gained a little weight so her momentum carried over the edge and towards the kitchen floor. A cat would have recovered gracefully by spinning in mid-air and fall on their paws ( hence the saying: " a cat always...."). Not this cat; she just was totally panicked by her mishap and let herself fall on her sizeable derriere. Needless to say, she was unhappy and a little embarassed by the incident and try to pretend it never happended. I really wish I had a camera. So Chanakha, it's a cat/dog that you wil be getting.; hope that's OK by you.


Chanakha said...

I think the cat is going on a diet when I get her. That way I have someone to keep me company with my diet.

Mosilager said...

ya when the cat adopted me she already had all those behaviours. she would sit and stay on command, come over when called and roll over. she probably does need a diet. and maybe a friend, where is that cat who roams around your place.

imei said...

But she looks cute as a little fatty. You should see her face after she fell. She walked away and refused to look at us; and gave us a mean look when we laughed at her.

lova said...

Check out the updated picture. I think she is just slightly above the average weight. The diet is a good idea but there is tons of canned food that comes with cleo so...:) that and a work out station that she obviously overlooked :). So mosilager, you need to give away your daughter Cleo in the proper fashion: let's have an official ceremony.