13 August 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Ginga's tattoo

I don't know if it is because Ginga got bleached in the sun but I noticed a tattoo on his back:


I think it's a phoenix, which means that Ginga is from Griffindor, which means that he is Ron and I am Harry ha ha ha. Actually he's more like Sirius and I think I'm like Hermione so maybe I should avoid that particular analogy.


Sheetal said...

Hey there,

I cannot for the life of me see the tattoo?! I'm trying to figure out which angle the phoenix is, but ...can't seem to!


Mosilager said...

dammnit i thought i increased the contrast so it would be more visible. i'm talking about the pattern formed by the light hair that looks like a mushroom cloud... it's wide at the top and then gets really thin as it comes down.

imei said...

I see it!! But there is no head.... Man! Ginga will fly one day!

Mosilager said...

That's true there is no head. pigs will fly before ginga does :) actually if food had wings then ginga would figure out how to get in the air pretty fast. dude is positively einsteinian when it comes to food.