02 August 2006

Pawsted by imei

Missing ginga and Boo's mistery haircut

I haven't seen ginga for 5 days. When I talked to him on the phone he would roll over and show me the belly :) The sweet fat ass must miss me and booboo.
We had to take off boo's big collar coz it's driving him crazy and he started shivering all over. We just have to watch him so he doesn't bite his sutures off. We all thought he looks much better with the hair cut he gets this year; but as a comparison, here is how he looked like last year when we all sigh around him and tried to comfort him about his look :

I think he looks exactly the same except the big tail last year and maybe a little skinnier this year !


Mosilager said...

The tail makes all the difference. I was right... for the first time ever... ;)
yes we need an update about fatass from the doc. she has to start blogging!

Rohini said...

He looks much happier without the cone. Have you send Ginga away till he recovers?

Mosilager said...

ginga's with his aunty in another part of town while booboo recovers... he's having fun there chasing ducks and geese and swimming like a water creature... a future post will be dedicated to that.