07 August 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Booboo to Ginga reply

My dearest Ginga,

I was so ahppy to receive your letter. My mummy had to read it to
me because I cannot get to a computer just yet. I am doing much better now,
thank you. I was having a hard time moving around before but lately I found myself
yearning for my squeaking elephant toy and even the magic blanket :).
Since you have been on vacation, I realized that I learned a lot from
you, I appreciate treats more and cuddling is actually more enjoyable. I hope that when I am fully recovered, you will take me with you to the park and teach me duck herding tricks, it sounds like fun. I am still mostly laying down on the mattress for most of the day with a human by my side and they feed me all sorts of treats. Apparently I am on a weight gaining program, quite ironic, don't you think ? I am grateful for their company but they would not let me clean or scratch myself. How weird is that ? Do I stop them from showering ?
I hate to admit it but I miss you, miss you dearly actually. I would
give up the blanket if I could get to play tag with you again, even
for just 5 min. The silver lining is that the next time I see you, it
would probably mean that things are moving along in the right direction.
Big hug,
your "not-so-hairy friend anymore" Booboo

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video said...

I'm a little confused over who's whose mummy/daddy/future mummy/future daddy??!!

Mosilager said...

Oh you've missed all the custody battles over the 2 doggies. I think there might be a post about it somewhere but here's the abbreviated version -
I-mei - BooBoo's mummy and Ginga's aunty.
Doc - aunty to both dogs
Lova - BooBoo's daddy (Boo's last name is Rakoto) and Ginga's uncle
Ranjit - Ginga's daddy and BooBoo's brother (based on similarities between my long hair flapping in the wind a few years ago and his ears also flapping in the wind).
BooBoo - Ginga's brother.
This makes me simultaneously BooBoo's brother and uncle, which is a situation that we have not resolved yet.

Ok now that's cleared up, according to the custody battles I am BooBoo's future daddy, I-mei and Doc both consider themselves Ginga's future mommies. Each of us have elegant schemes to take both dogs, Doc by bribing them with treats and long walks and 'accidentally' putting them on a flight to Germany, I-mei also by bribing as well as cuddling, Lova by making the rest of us fight over them while he sneaks away with both.
My plan is a little more complicated, I got a cat which Lova loves and planted it in I-mei's apartment so she also falls in love with it. Since BooBoo and the cat don't get along, I would offer to take BooBoo so they can enjoy the cat. Lova has countered this by coming up with an allergy against the cat and is now talking of giving up the cat to GSL's roommate. So the plot thickens and I have to come up with a new plan.

video said...

Good luck... may the best dog/dawg/man win.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ranjit, I just had to compliment you personally on the link on Mama says so ' comment on Training Husbands - It was excellent. LOL

I should explore your blog in detail some time later. Meanwhile I see that you are a dog lover - well I share that interest too!

The Visitor said...

In my part of the world, dear booboo, we treat our humans as slaves. I learnt at an early age, that humans have to be trained right from day one. They are likely to throw tantrums, threaten and what not!
Sometimes my heart melts, but I resolved to be firm. The home I went to had 4 slaves - a papa, a mama and 2 child slaves. To begin with they treated me right - but after sometime they started to throw their weight around and behave high and mighty. That is when I put my paw down - I would refuse to eat until they fed me daily. Thanks to my early training they are now a disciplined lot, they always feed me first and then have the leftovers.
I was also particular about my diet, every 2 days I have chicken, daily night horlicks, usually I agree to have potatoes fried in ghee. None of the ragi porridge for me. Sometimes when I give them a day off, I relent to have Pedigree, though I usually prefer to have royal canine.

More in the next.

Little Princess

Mosilager said...

anonymous - hey thanks a lot, actually the link is on the dog blog too, here. It was a pretty funny article, but I guess we always knew that men share a lot more with animals than women do :) You didn't leave a name or website so can't visit but if you don't want to do so publicly my email is mosilagerATgmailDOTcom.

thevisitor - woohoo i've been visited by the visitor :) getting popular... now i have to keep your littleprincess's comments away from the booboo.

littleprincess... my brother/uncle/future daddy's attempts to keep me away from your comment did not work. Right now by pretending to be sick I am in an even better situation than you, I get liver sausage, peanuts, everything except for that horrible doggie food they make me eat every day. Also lots of petting and personal attention. I have already convinced Ginga to work for me, now these humans are getting the picture as well. thanks for visiting.

The Visitor said...

Hi booboo,

Nice to know that you're getting enough attention at home now :). Humans try all sorts of stratgems to escape work, they are perennial malingerers.

What's this surgery that you had? Are you fine now? Get well soon.
My! You do look handsome in that black shiny coat of yours!

What you have ducks to chase - that's great; I'll have to do something about it now. Here I get to chase the odd squirrel here and there.

I do have plenty of photos, but you know my humans are pretty ignorant - they dont know how to upload photos etc. on the net. I'll try to send you an email.

More later - say woof woof, to Ginga

Mosilager said...

hi littleprincess thanks for the mail... if I wasn't fixed I would have asked you to raid the trash with me on the weekend. i had a dislocated kneecap, known as patellar luxation, probably due to some genetic / developmental problem. They had to make the joint better fitting for my kneecap, shorten my ligaments and also move the ligaments so that the kneecap fits better. apparently it was the worst knee the doctor had ever seen. I want to play now but these humans are boring and overprotective and won't even let me meet the ginga, at least him i can convince to play. It'll take another 2.5 months for me to get to normal so I'm having fun enjoying treats and lots of attention.