27 April 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

What I learnt from the doggies

1. Never let anything distract you from food.
2. Run, walk, play outside the house every day.
3. Always check your bed before laying down (go round and round three times).
4. There's always something good in the trash that shouldn't be there.
5. Always know where the toilet is.
6. Clean up afterwards (dig some grass on the area and run away from the scene).
7. Squirrels and rabbits want to play chase. That's why they run. Chase them!
8. There's always some food to be had if you sniff the ground hard enough.
9. Need massage? No problem, just train a human to do it. They love massaging.
10. Tennis is a game played by trying to catch the balls that come over the net. Humans can be trained easily to keep hitting the ball over.
11. Pay attention to what people do as well as what they say.
12. It doesn't matter who your friend is or how much they make or what they look like or where they're from. All that matters is how much time they spend with you and what you do together.
(OK I'm paraphrasing Cesar Millan on that one)


Rohini said...

Very cute. Here a couple from me:

1. Shower the people you love with an overdose of affection when they get home and maybe you can guilt them into never leaving without you again.

2. There's nothing like too much food or too much sleep.

I liked your previous profile picture more. More mysterious - what will side profile and all

Mosilager said...

Thanks! Those are pretty good too. Oh... I got complaints about the previous picture... apparently I looked too untrustworthy in that one. I should put up some pictures from the old days what with long hair and all... probably scare everyone away from the web page.