16 April 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Cat and dogs in same room

We had a breakthrough with Cleo meeting the GingaBoo. Kitty stayed in her pet box while we distracted the doggies with a big piece of meat. BooBoo ate the meat and let Ginga finish off the bone. While BooBoo was eating, Ginga stayed away. Then BooBoo left the bone on the carpet and ran off to the kitchen. Ginga ran with him and came back and saw the bone. He thought, "Wow, a bone. Wonder who left it here. Awesome!" and ate it. He was oblivious to the cat or anything else going on around him for a while. Of course, the next day BooBoo had diarrhoea but Ginga had no problems whatsoever. I took Cleo out of the box and BooBoo started jumping around trying to smell her. She took off running behind the couch where he could not reach her while we Cesared him. Then she went under the bed and started exploring. After calming down the doggies, I took BooBoo in to the room and got him to calm down with the Kitty also under the bed. Then it was Ginga's turn and they both were pretty good at ignoring Cleo. Yay! Cleo took a little while to get comfortable and explored my room. I took Ginga in there and made him ignore the cat. She raced right in front of him (about 2 cm away from him) and he didn't care. BooBoo though started barking from outside and then Ginga got excited but I calmed him down again. Then cat decided to explore the living room while keeping a reasonable distance away from the doggies and eventually settled on top of the dining table. (No pun intended, it wasn't to make the doggies' lives easier). I then walked the BooBoo around the dining table, distracting him every time he decided to take an interest in the Kitty and eventually he was calm being about 20 cm or so away. He decided to drink and eat and everything was good. We packed the Kitty away again, but this bodes well for the future, but ill for my plans of taking the BooBoo as the Ilu's can't keep both.


imei said...

you could very well end up taking the cat.....(I'll take the ginga then to make your life easier :)

Mosilager said...

No no cat! Napoleon!