22 April 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Dog Park for a day III

Ginga and BooBoo had a good time at the Dog Park for a Day again! Here are some snaps from the event.


Riley and Gracie (look like Ginga and BooBoo)
20060422_1362 copy

Honey, looks like the kids have gone. Let's play:
20060422_1360 copy

Doggies, come!
20060422_1339 copy

20060422_1338 copy

Come here you, let me see if you are Ginga. You look like him but smell a lot better.
20060422_1331 copy

Ha ha ha. I-mei looks like Ginga. Sweet revenge for her saying that I look like BooBoo.
20060422_1328 copy

Have you seen a small dark dog with a white tip tail? Have you seen a big brown Great Dane?
20060422_1327 copy 20060422_1325 copy

What are they looking at? oh...
20060422_1311 copy 20060422_1312 copy

"Any of you fine looking doggies care to come back to my place?"
20060422_1366 copy

Here's a little doggie acting all out of proportion and scaring off the bigger would-be playmates:

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Mayuri said...

Reaay cool pictures. I like the one where the 3 brown doggies look like they are doing a synchro routine with two other doggies for an audience. Really nice pics Raanjee!!

Mosilager said...

Thanks M, I love the pictures too