01 April 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

cleo is back in fine form :-) and sierra is back ?

Cleo' surgery went well apparently. However, she probably would not care for a trip to the vet anytime soon. She threw a fit just before the surgery and was such a feisty pest after the surgery that I had to come pick her up myself because she would not let any of the vet crew touch her, she was hissing and growling like a baby tiger ! That's my girl ! Cleo is one tough and loud cookie; Ginga/boo may want to think twice before messing with her :). Here are a few pics of Cleo and maybe a "sierra" sighting at the dog park ( probably wishful thinking ).


Mosilager said...

Yeah she was funny at the park, she left once the snow started coming down :)

lova said...

so much for sierra auditioning for:
"9 below: humans left freezing this time".