12 April 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Parking doggies and friends

GB went to the park where they met lots and lots of friends. Buster was there, as well as BooBoo's love Sophie. Stretch and Rudy (aka Yoda) were there along with their new friend Honey. Rudy's parents are taking Honey for walks when they go as her owners cannot right now. Rudy's parents are awesome doggy parents! They have the calmest dogs around as well as taking on a really high energy doggy to walk. That takes a lot of work and responsibility and training so they win the doggy parents of the month award. Loki and Taya joined the fun later. Here are some pics from playtime...

Sophie, Stretch, Honey and Buster getting it on

Here's Ginga playing with his sister-in-law. Be a gentledog Ginga. Let her have the stick!

Well he didn't give her the stick but Stretch got interested. A threesome.

Stretch, Ginga, Rudy and Taya. Wasn't Taya in a recent movie?

BooBoo and Taya (or is it Loki?) There were two of the huskies.

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imei said...

I think it's kya (kiya?) and Loki.... Beautiful doggies