02 April 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

How I met my humans:

"How I met your mother" is the GB tv show of choice when we are not around. Here are their stories:

Booboo: It was in January 2003, I was taking a nap on top of my 5 sisters at the Lafayette shelter resort. ( OK accomodations but way too crowded ). Then came this young lady accompanied by some dude. She started to make some really strange noises: "Oh, look at them, so cute..." I thought she was in pain so I came rushing to her and asked her: " ruff, ruff, ruff ?" ( are you OK ? Do you need a doctor? Random dude, call 911 !) She seemed OK as she picked me up. I bit her slightly to let her know: " no kiss on the 1st date" Litlle did she know that that was my routine for picking up humans. Until now, she thinks she picked me when, obviously I did. I mean, who came out of the dogpile to greet the other one ? It turns out that I actually picked up several other humans on the way that are now at my service. Got a little lucky, I guess. Ah humans... they always think they know everything...

Ginga: I concur. My human is dead set on believing that it was destiny that we met. He should know that I sent that picture of me to only a carefully selected few. At the time, he did not even know he needed me. We, dogs have to do everything, really. He finally got the hint and showed up with a bunch of dudes and Sir Booboo here. I guess he was shy, you know like those guys bar-hopping with many wingmen but looking for a soulmate.... thankfully, I took charge and as soon as a finished greeting the obvious leader ( Sir Booboo), I went to my human and layed on this lap with my patented move the "above the shoulder" look. I knew he would not resist. Destiny, mestiny, pets have to do all the work.

Cleo: Tell me about it. I had to brave gutsy winds, pouring rain and finally had to sneak into their building for them to notice me. Once I got inside, I zeroed in on him, I gave him a little "kitten in dispair" look,then a roll over followed by a Beyonce-like back arch. I knew he was mine. The key is to make them believe that they are in charge, that they are the superhumans who come to the rescue . Now look who are totally pet-dependent, organize their schedule around ours and fork the big bucks for our every needs? I rest my case.
Ginga: Amen to that, furball.
Boo: I hate to say it but I think the cat is right for once.
Cleo: Who are you calling furball, meatloaf ?


Mosilager said...

that's completely true, they have made fools of us. well at least we're enjoying it, so we have been there, done that and got the t-shirt

Rohini said...

Very nice post. When I went to pick up Buddy (my dacshund who now lives with my mom) he came running towards me, jumped up and hung in mid-air from my thigh with his little legs dangling. It was love at first sight...

4WD said...

hey nice blog. You know, i'd trade my car for a dog. Well, after the value had depreciated a bit, but i would. Except its not very nice to keep a dog on the third floor of a little house, alone at home all day while i'm chasing failed politicians.

lova said...

>Mos: so true ! BTW I want the same shirt :),but I think GB wants royalties.
>rohini: GB would love to see a photo of buddy, new inventor of the mid-air hug
>4wd: maybe a dog could help you in chasing failed politicians ( what is the criteria here ?)

Mosilager said...

rohini - yes please send us a pic of buddy if you have one

4wd - thanks... dogs do fine alone all day... they sleep about 70% of the day. They live longer if there's another pet... could even just be a goldfish. I think I'd rather meet a failed politician than a successful one. The failed ones are probably good human beings :)

lova - ok will send you the shirt pic and you can take it to the t-shirt guy so that he can laugh his head off.