09 April 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Coco and Victoria's Secret

I found a blog about a dog with a cricket and underwear fetish (only the good stuff, Victoria's secret) here.


freespirit said...

Hey pal...thanks! U just made my Coco famous! I am sure he would like to thank you from the bottom of his heart...*sob sob*

On another note, u seem animal obsessed! Its quite an interesting blog you have out here. Hello to Ginga and BooBoo ;-)

Mosilager said...

Thanks freespirit. I don't know about making Coco famous. I think I made you infamous among my very limited readership/dog fanclub. That's the first time I've been called animal obsessed and I like it. 2 dogs and a cat just happened to walk into my life, before last year I had no clue about animals other than the normal lions and elephants and giraffes that I would see on safari. And now I have a blog about it. Oh well... check out the non-dog blog, that may convince you that I am more girl and cricket obsessed... wait, now I have an identity crisis... am I Coco?