08 February 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Love of Trash

BooBoo and Ginga continued their love of the trash by getting into it today. I came home a little early to pick up my car and wanted to walk them. However, the sight that greeted me when I walked in put me out of the good frame of mind. I walked in and found soup cans, styrofoam boxes, empty cheesestick wrappers et al. randomly dispersed throughout the living and dining room. Following the trail visually led me to the upturned garbage bin, the source of the mess. By this time BooBoo was nowhere to be seen, which for him means under the sofa, and Ginga was trying to make himself small (yeah right) and hide under the living room desktop.

I have to say that the doggies had evolved two strategies to prevent my discovering their mischief. They were both jumping up and down, and BooBoo was barking. BooBoo normally barks and then runs on top of the couch, from where I call him to come and get his favourite butt-massage. However, this time he wanted to stop me right at the door, which immediately made me suspicious of his motives and led me to the aforesaid investigation.

Well, after picking up the trash and ignoring the repeated attempts of Ginga to get a massage, I decided to leave and then the BooBoo finally emerged from his hideout in the hopes of getting a walk. He seemed to not want to put his front paw down for some reason so I checked it out. No visible signs of anything, maybe the garbage lid fell on him or he hurt himself in trying to disappear quickly. Poor BooBoo, hope he gets better by the evening.

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