17 February 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Beddie Bye time

Is the bed for the people or the doggies?

BooBoo: Hey, Ginga, are these people supposed to be on the bed?
Ginga : I'm not sure, don't know what they're doing there.
BooBoo: Hmmm... well try and take up as much space as you can and maybe they'll leave
Ginga : I think they live here mate
BooBoo: Give them a cheesestick, maybe they'll leave. A resting dog needs his space
Ginga : I'm too lazy I'm already sleeping. How come you have so much energy?
BooBoo: Doesn't take much when I can order you around.
Ginga : You dumbass
BooBoo: It's OK, I'll make a new plan to get them out
Ginga : Whatever you're doing, it's working, they leave every morning.


lova said...

Hey ! it takes more than a cheesestick to get me out of bed... I should be offended :-) but I take comfort in knowing that "Ginga's secret lover" is insanely jealous right now. Somehow "how do you like them cheesesticks ?" does not have a nice ring to it.

Mansoora said...

hahaha funnny ;)

Anonymous said...

the conversation reminds me of someone else!

take a look or better a listening:

the pinky and the brain

Rohini said...

I really don't know how people manage to train their dogs to keep off the furniture. We tried very hard with my two dachshunds - we bought these lovely cane baskets for them, sprayed them with some perfume gauranteed to make dogs want to sleep there and put them in the baskets before going to sleep. But at some point in the night they always manage to sneak back in...

Mosilager said...

Hi Rohini, how's Ayaan?
The doggies never get on my bed, even when I'm not there. Usually the trick is to get them off the moment they get on (treats help a lot in this case). After a few times they figure out that they get in trouble for getting on the bed, and get rewarded for not being on the bed. It took me about a week to train these guys. The hardest part was when Booboo would come in the middle of the night to sleep on it when I was deep asleep. Hope you have success!