09 February 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

BooBoo's paw update

When we went home in the evening BooBoo's paw seemed worse. Outside he was only walking on it some of the time. Well, until he got distracted by smelling some rabbit. Inside it was the same, so we took him to the doctor's. He got a thorough examination there, and the doctor thought it was a sprain, so we have to keep the guys from playing with each other and let him rest it for a bit. He'll be fine. The doctor said that because it was Booboo it was easy to check his limbs to see if anything was dislocated, it would have been much harder with a "well-built" dog like Ginga. Ginga, if you are reading, this does not mean that you are a fatass. It is all muscle!

Well hopefully the little Booboo gets well soon, right now he looks like he wants a permanent handshake :(

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