23 February 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Cyclist adventure

My online weather identification system was showing 10 degrees which I've come to think of as summer and so I went outside with the guys for some play / business time.

BooBoo and Ginga Bicycle

In the beginning they were so energetic that they were pulling me on the bicycle. After a little while they figured out that they had to watch where the bicycle was going and started heeling. Then the fun began as I pushed Ginga to his speed limits. I don't think that I pushed the Booboo, maybe later when I go out just with Booboo, I can figure out what his speed limits are :) Booboo was looking at me and I read his mind.
He said,
"Hey, why didn't you tell me before you could go that fast? Why were we walking everywhere before? We could have had so much fun in the park chasing birds and rabbits and running. Mainly running. You dumbass!"

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Mansoora said...

looks like they had a lot of fun. Too bad it was cooold :(