11 February 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Dog Conference February

BooBoo's paw is much better and he and Ginga went to the park where they found some new friends. This is Marlo:

BooBoo, Ginga, Coco and Dextra

Buster, Marlo, Ginga, and Dextra

Sophie and Stretch showed up a little later, after the earlier party. This time Stretch and Ginga were running and playing a lot. They were really muddy so we had to give Ginga a shower with the help of a sausage. So now Ginga has a girlfriend as well as BooBoo! Make sure you guys give the girls roses for Valentine's Day, and take them somewhere other than just the park.

Ginga chases Stretch. Finally I found a Ginga picture where he looks athletic. Booboo, you have competition from your brother.

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