04 February 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Daily scene at the Boonga's

Boo: zzzzzz Ginga: I am bored !
B: (sleepy) sooo ? G: Let's wrestle.
B: I can't. I am allergic to dog hair. G: You are ? I am sorry.
B: I am not. I don't want to because I am sleepy
and you are 15 # heavier than me. G: I am, hehe. I know, Let's watch Tv then!
B: you know how to turn on the tv ? G: Hum, no....
B: (long sigh....)
G: I bet you I can pull that tree outside with my bare teeth
B: If you were any dumber, door knobs would be out of work.
G: (jumps on Boo and hugs him )I love you Boo-Man!
B: (frightened) me too, Ginga, me too.

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