03 February 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

BooBoo's mom's Birthday

Booboo's mom (aka Ginga's aunt)'s birthday - he has no idea. "Birthday, what nonsense? Do I have to move for that? I am so comfortable. I'll move if we go to the park, or you let me chase rabbits."

Apart from some girlie stuff, BooBoo's mom got a World of BooBoo sweatshirt:

Ginga was not forgotten and also got some love from his Bombay sorry Mumbai buddy


Mansoora said...

awww..what cute pictures!!! Love the sweatshirt ;)

lova said...

yet another deleted scene from brokeback moutain: the poignant goodbye scene between Ginga and secret lover Chinmay: two thumbs up ! Alas the world is not ready yet for such intense relationship.

Mosilager said...

Poor Chinmay now he's been villified all over the world! We all love the t-shirt

ginga's secret lover said...

Damn those candid cameras! My clandestine affair with the Gingster is out in the open. 10 bucks to each of you if Shruta never finds out about this.

Mosilager said...

Sorry mate she already knows, one of the sad things about being on the internet. She did offer me 20$ to tell her about all the other affairs you have. How about a bidding war?