04 April 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

GingaBoo on the issues

GingaBoo take on some issues that are dividing the nation.

1. Iraq
Ginga - Democrat - poop and run
BooBoo - Republican - stay the course (poopoos in one place and no running after)

2. Health care
Ginga - Republican - doesn't need to go to doctor often, doesn't see why he should pay for anybody else to do so.
BooBoo - Democrat - he's in and out of the doctor's. Feels the pain of the people who can't afford it :(

3. Gay marriage
Ginga - Liberal - I'll hump any dog that presents himself or herself. No exclusivity here.
BooBoo - Republican - I hump only Sophie. (and my blanket but let's not talk about that)

4. Hillary or Barack?
Ginga - Barack - he's charming, like BooBoo
BooBoo - Hillary - I do love strong women like my mummy and favourite aunty

5. Sanjaya Malakar of American Idol - in or out?
Ginga - In - he's just like Barney the purple dinosaur. Annoying to anyone over 12 but loved by anyone under.
BooBoo - Out - even I can bark better than him. What do you mean, "he was trying to sing?"


Rohini said...

Hilarious. GingaBoo for President!

Author Mom with Dogs said...

I think GingaBoo should have their own tv show. The commentary is way better than CNN!!! LOL!

e said...

I second that. Gingaboo TV show!

video said...

HAHAHA! Loved it! Every bit of it! On a different note, how do u feel about Ginga being bi-sexual?

lova said...

brilliant Mosi :)
I-mei will kill you for making a warmonger of Boo though :D.
> Video. I believe Ginga is multisexual. Nothing turns him more than any kind of living beings with food in the vicinity.

Mosilager said...

rohini thanks... I just heard that the democratic frontrunners have raised about 25 million dollars for their campaigns. Ginga Boo have raised so far: one book, several birthday cakes, one rabbit head, one dead rabbit, and some field mouse fur towards their campaign. Although these items are priceless, the ad agencies would not accept them as payment and neither would the election campaign organisers.

karen and e Great idea, we should get a "ask the GingaBoo" TV show going where they answer questions posed to them. Should be great fun.

video :D excellent. Well you know I accept G-man for what he is. Since his 'neutralisation' he seems to be more food-sexual as Lova mentioned.

lova thanks thanks you lucky lucky person. i'm still jealous.

freespirit said...

LOL! I totally get what Boo means abot Sanjaya Malakar....There is only so much one can handle of a sissy boy who can't sing!

Rohini said...

Damn! How about if I up the stakes with a campaign contribution - the dead rat that we found in our house yesterday...

Mosilager said...

freespirit I looked at some old pictures of me and actually there's a striking resemblance. If there was American Idol at the time I might also have had a legion of 12 year old Fanjits.

rohini Awesome, GingaBoo would love to add the dead rat to the campaign. I have to add some duck poop to the list as well now. Now if any sponsors come forth... I heard the desi cricket team's sponsors are looking for new brands. Maybe there's a chance.