15 April 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

GB on the brain

GingaBoo go so well together that they should be in the movies. BooBoo is smart, physically kind of a weakling but Ginga follows him without question. Ginga is strong and tough, hedonistic, a bit immature and almost totally instinct driven. Following are some famous duos that remind us of Ginga and BooBoo:

Laurel and Hardy
Pinky and the Brain
Obelix and Asterix
Captain Haddock and Tintin
Getafix (druid) and Vitalstatistix (chief)
Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock
Veeru and Jai (of Sholay)
Pullo and Vorenus (Rome)
Porthos and D'Artagnan (3 musketeers)

In other news my camera breathed its last on an operating table due to a highly incompetent surgeon (myself). Note to self: the 'gently' in 'push lens in gently' is relative to 8 year old humans, not 8 year old baby elephants. So that is why the lack of GB pictures, in case anyone was wondering.


Author Mom with Dogs said...

I have an old Polaroid iZone 300 you're welcome to.

Sushruta said...

hey get a cam soon and post pics as usual ..i miss them already :)

Mosilager said...

karen thanks for the offer - I was a bit tired of being the one behind the camera so maybe not having a camera is a blessing in disguise.

sushruta thanks, will try to hook up a temp. solution soon. Hope there's some rational solution now to the Bangalore stray issue. You and your gang over there are truly heroes. It breaks my heart every time I read about it.

lova said...

Hey, good timing, I "jacked" my mum's camera :) or more accurately, she took pity of my disposable one :(. I will gladly get behind the cam after friday but I don't have your "eye". I owe the GB a huge amount of posts anyway. May I had:
Koto fetsy sy Maka (MG)
Beauty and the Beast (just kidding)
Thelma and Louise :D (Lily is Brad Pitt)
Chandler and Joey
Okocha and Yekini

Mosilager said...

excellent Lova... coming to the rescue with a camera. Hey just add your contribs to the post... much easier to see them there.

Sushruta said...

sadly it is all gloom as of now...the court has ordered "lightning fast action against stray dog menace" and at an informal meeting with the cm this morning to push for abc/arv a shouting match ensued between the cm and a kannada lady from the group...which i think is bad news. The CM was obviously miffed and angry and said it is more imp for him to care abt humans than dogs.
my hopes are pinned on final court verdict and BBMP's intentions.