23 April 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

Dog Conference 2007

Lots of doggies decided to attend this year's dog conference to chat. Our secret informer inside the conference gave us these exclusive photos of what transpired. The main topics of discussion included poop, pee, rabbits, squirrels, trash, stinky dead things and how to pretend to not understand what the annoying human is saying. Needless to say Ginga Boo are experts at that but the other doggies also gave them some pointers.

We couldn't sneak a picture of all the participants, but here are some of them:
Tango, Ginga, Goucho, Lily and Scottie. Tango's half border collie, half retriever (something like a Boonga), Goucho's a half border collie, half collie and Scottie's all Border collie.

Here's Tango, posing, also featuring Ginga, not posing.
Tango and Ginga

Goucho tries to tell Lilly, "How YOU doin'?"

Tango and Lily really hit it off together, despite Goucho's interest. They looked like black and white versions of each other and kept sneaking off into the bushes and coming back looking very happy. Goucho looks confused... the how you doin' look always works with all the other ladies.
Lily, Tango, Goucho

Apparently there was lots of other action too. Ginga was the initiator this time and in the thick of things.
Dogs playing

The black-and-whites volunteered to check up on the best spots for perfume and massage. Unfortunately they rolled all over the stinky dead stuff before anybody else could get there so their scouting didn't quite benefit the conference. Well they're smiling now but they won't be once they get showered at home.
Border stinker

Boo roll stinky

They came back pretending nothing had happened. The smell is tell-tale though doggies. Even the humans within miles can smell that.
Border Collies

Ginga enjoyed himself thoroughly. He took up the role of the guard and went ahead on the trail and looked back every now and then to make sure everyone was following. The other doggies didn't know what "trail" meant so they were after every squirrel in the woods. If they didn't come back when called, though, Ginga had something to say to them. Tough love with Ginga. With his short stature and military bearing, maybe he was Napoleon in a previous birth.
Ginga and Goucho

Scottie, Ginga, Tango


Ah yes the humans bring welcome food. Excellent.
Stomach is the way to the heart

Wait... oh Ginga got it first. Now there won't be any left for anyone else. No point in trying.

BooBoo and Scottie may be related. They had the same mannerisms. Hey, maybe we brought home the wrong one, this could be just like parent trap.

Border collies at play

We were afraid Benji couldn't keep up but he was a trooper. Since he can't see he had to go by his other senses... often his senses told him to go away from where all the big dogs were making lots of noise. Although he could not resist posing when the camera was on him.

Boo took a particular liking to Benji and made sure he kept up. Benji didn't like that very much usually. He's older than all of the rest, he can take care of himself. Sorry Benji, hang around with enough Border Collies and you'll start getting herded.
BooBoo and Benji

After the conference concluded the dogs decided to rest.
Lily Boo

When asked, Lily said the conference was delicious and also flirted with our correspondent. Or was she just licking off the remainder of some food?
Dog Tongue

Have a good summer everybody, more conferences will be arranged soon.


e said...

the doggies are in on it.

C'mon Summer. You'd better hurry along here. Bring loads of sunshine too. We need it!


Author Mom with Dogs said...

A very successful and productive conference, indeed!

What a beautiful trail! Wish there was something like that around here.

Love the pics. Must mean there's a new camera. Yay.

Sushruta said...

amazing pics and amazing four legged wonders...keep them coming
Thanks for all your support... some good news in the offing...a Trap neuter vaccinate release pilot project for 5000 dogs has been started. And to distract ourselves from all the cynicism we have been aggressively promoting adoption

Mosilager said...

Hi guys... the doggies enjoyed themselves. Afterwards they were nowhere to be seen, even when the humans started eating. A tired dog is a good dog Ha Ha. Camera was borrowed from a friend so no, no new cam yet.

sushruta hope the doggies find good homes - that's always happy time.

Diane said...

I know this post is more than 4 years old, but I live in Princeton, too, and am blown away by how much my own dog, Bodhi, looks like Goucho. Do you know if Goucho is still alive, living in this area?