26 March 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

Spring is in the air

...and BooBoo says HI! Those are some intense eyes, BooBoo.

Here's looking at you, kid

Ginga wants to serve and protect like his german shepherd ancestors. The birds are not a threat to us, Ginga.
Protect. Serve. Eat.

BooBoo also decided that looking at us would not get him any treats. But sitting down and staring at the birds might get him an off-leash experience.
Those birds look tasty


Daisuke said...
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Daisuke said...

Funny Comments...lol.

Ginga looks handsome in this pic. And he has so much white hair now! around his nose, mouth, neck. poor thing...ginga is getting old i guess.

Mosilager said...

daisuke :) I think it's something to do with the photo. We never notice the white hair normally. He is 28 now in human years so maybe the stress of being a pet dog is making his hair go white.

e said...

hey how heavy is Boo???
Just wondering. Fei is 17 kilos.


Mosilager said...

Hi eve,

BooBoo is about 17-18 kg. Ginga is about 30 kg.

Anonymous said...

30++ I think

Mosilager said...

Fine... 31.8 kgs... and it's all muscle - but who's measuring?

Daisuke said...

Fatass Ginga...