24 April 2007

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Booboo's clone

Despite all the love that Ginga has for the Booster, Ginga was a bit overwhelmed to find out that Dr. I-mei's evil project to clone Booboo has finally come to fruition. :D. Her name is Reilly, she is as mischievous as Booboo, always wants to run around the Ginga and to top it all, she lives in the next building. Ginga was so confused that he started whaling his frustration at this unfair "two-on-one" border collie onslaught. Reilly's owner is positive that Reilly is not a border collie though. She was told Reilly is a poodle/Australian Shepperd mix. You be the judge:

Isn't she just another Booboo ? Even Booboo had to pause a moment:
" Hold on, if I am there and here at the same time, does that mean I cannot get blamed for the "latest expensive bread-stealing" episode ?"

Reilly already took a liking of the Ginga and nipped at his chops as you can see on the video. Ahhhh, the wonders of science !

PS: Just in case you were wondering, we do not approve of any kind of dog-cloning initiatives. We believe that cloning should be limited to protein, genome sequencing effort and Jessica Alba.


Rohini said...

Jessica Alba? Really?

lova said...

Absolutely :D, even Ginga and Booboo fully approve and nod in unisson. (Then again, it might be just the cookie I hold in my hand.)

Sushruta said...

Poor Ginga :)and on second thoughts Boo too he would be confused as hell :)