09 January 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

5 Doggie Secrets

5 Things you did not know about GingaBoo – Tagged by BooBoo’s daddy Lova of Rakoto’s Rants. Since GingaBoo are lazy and did not do this tag yet, I have taken on the task. So neither humans nor doggies can blame me if something leaks out that will hurt their prospects with rabbits or Kitty or prospective marriage partners.

BooBoo has a grayish spot on his nose. When he was a puppy his mommy and aunty tried to rub it off thinking it was a stubborn piece of dirt. Luckily they did not succeed!

Ginga knew that I was his daddy when he first met me. Ignoring all the other people in the room he ran to me and was licking me all over. I knew I was Ginga’s daddy when I saw his picture for the first time... in his ex-mom's email saying she couldn’t take him to Tokyo with her. And to all those who think I am insane for having a sixth sense type doggie connection, read Karen’s book Dogs of Dreamtime, spiritual connections with doggies (and coyotes) happen to other people too.

BooBoo has a ‘blanket of love’ that he uses once in a while. He’s had it all his life, he took it over from one of his aunties (she had no intention of letting him keep it but she melted… well actually she did not want it back after all the love BooBoo had shown towards it). These days he does not totally appreciate the blanket unless Ginga fights for it with him beforehand. BooBoo is like the knights of yore looking for a romantic battle followed by the ride off into the sunset with the fair maiden.

Ginga comes asking for massage almost as much as he comes asking for food. Then he keeps repositioning himself so that you have easy access to wherever he wants to be massaged. Waiting to be massaged and the thought of food trigger his mmm… what should I call it… love center.

BooBoo almost never sheds his hair. But it has an uncanny ability to wind up in the most surprising of places. I found some BooBoo hair in the microwave and some in the freezer. Lord alone knows how it got there.

Ginga sheds a lot, but it stays on the carpet and does not show up on top of the TV or anything. In additional to his normal shedding, twice a year he has extremely insane amounts of shedding for 2-3 weeks.

BooBoo has an epileptic seizure about once a month. His muscles involuntarily contract but he never loses his head over it. It’s very distressing for us when it happens but we have learnt to live with it – he’s a bit tired afterwards but it doesn’t seem to hurt. Usually happens when he is most relaxed.

Ginga waited by the verandah door for about 4 days after he first came to live with us. He would stare outside and look very sad, and sometimes make Ginganzee noises (a little like a chimpanzee). I think he missed his mummy.

5. BooBoo’s full name is Boo Nutella Rakotomalala. His nicknames are Boober (Ranjit), BooBoowa (Imei), Fluffy (Lova – when BooBoo is slightly wet his hair fluffs up), BooBoo mouse (Doc).

Ginga’s full name is Ginga Fatass Warrier. His nicknames are Ginganzee, n’gaa n’gaa (ങ്ങാ ങ്ങാ), Fatass, Schweinsteiger (after the German footballer) (Ranjit), solid (Lova), Gingee and Gingeemouse (Doc, I-mei).

Lova says things like nafuney and nafunana when he’s around both doggies. Not sure what this means but it’s probably better than calling them with the Malagasy whistle.


e said...

Wow now I know a lot more about Gingaboo.
Sad that Ginga's mum couldn't take her to Tokyo. But good for you because Ginga's all yours!
Maybe I missed a post but I'm curious how many mummy's Gingaboo have had. I-mei mummy is the resident mummy right? Thanks for sharing the link. I will check it out. I loved Masson's book, Dogs Never Lie About Love.

haha Love center!! If it's what I think it is. I'm glad I don't get to see it !!

How serious are the epileptic seizures? Does BooBoo need to be on meds?

Can you please do a small intro (if you havent yet done in a previous post) about the humans who live with Gingaboo? I get confused by all the names!
Fei (and Eve of coursE)

lova said...

Oy, I am praying Rakotomalala Sr. will skip past "secret #5" where he learns that his 1st grandson's middle name is Nutella and that he is actually a four-legged creature :).

Mosilager said...

OK Eve... I'll attempt to clear the confusion -

Ginga - his original mummy checks the blog sometimes, and comments as 'motomama.' She got him when he was 9 weeks old. 2 years later she had to go back to Tokyo and thought it would not be good for him because he's too big. She sent an email asking for people to adopt Ginga. I got this email and knew that Ginga was my doggie and I was supposed to take care of him. So I-mei, Lova, GSL and I went to see Ginga and he picked me out to hug and lick from all these people around, so he also had a feeling that he was my doggie. Ginga's mum looked for another 9 months to find a family for Ginga but was unsuccessful and gave him to me. Now motomama is known as Ginga's ex-mummy.

Ginga's daddy is me. He has no current mommy. He has an uncle Lova, aunty I-mei and aunty Doc. Also he has uncle GSL and uncle GG. Aunty Doc and aunty I-mei are completely in love with Ginga and want to adopt him so they describe themselves as Ginga's future mommies (in this scenario Ginga's daddy, i.e. me, has no place other than being an uncle).

BooBoo - We all gave BooBoo to I-mei as a birthday present when BooBoo was a puppy. Since Lova actually got BooBoo from the shelter, he is the daddy. I-mei is mummy. I used to be BooBoo's brother because my hair and his ears flopped the same way when we ran together. Now I have been promoted to his uncle since I cut my hair. Doc, GG and GSL are favourite aunty and uncles respectively.

The cat - Kitty adopted me one evening, since I was going to take her to the shelter Lova adopted her but she lives at I-mei's. Since BooBoo and the cat don't quite get along, the cat went to GG and GSL. She will eventually leave with GG, who is her daddy now.

(Click here for the story of GingaBoo and the cat from their viewpoints).

lova said...

Good job sorting that out Mosi.
Maybe we could make it a "sticky post" or an added " who are we ?" tab :).
The blanket of love has been updated with an illustrating video

Mosilager said...

oops forgot about all of eve's other questions...

I'll check Masson's book out, haven't seen it at all. BooBOo's seizures are not severe enough to be on medication. Just something he has once a while, we're getting used to them now. Thanks Lova... maybe I'll add it to the tags.

lova said...

Check out Ginga's "biological"daddy showing new tricks :) !
And his name is GSD !!
GSD video

Mosilager said...

lova awesome who are we picture... i moved it to flickr so when you click on the 'about' tab it takes you to it. you can always switch it back if you don't like it this way, I think it looks nicer.

Karen Shanley said...

LOL! Very cute! And thanks for the Dogs of Dreamtime plug!

Mosilager said...

It's a lovely book, Karen, deserves more promotion. Thanks for sending it over. (And it proves that I am not certifiable).