21 January 2007

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Cleo is the love child of Ginga and Booboo

The more we observe Cleo, the more we come to realize that she is a perfect blend of Ginga and Booboo. Except for the cat part, of course.

Cleo's defining traits:
A shiny black fur - from BooBoo
A slight weight issue - from Ginga
Total focus around dinner time - from Ginga
Occasional 5 minutes of total madness - from BooBoo
Fondness for dynamic toys - from BooBoo and Ginga
A blanket of love - from BooBoo
Vocal expression of displeasure or annoyance - from BooBoo

Now the real question is: who has got the maternal instinct, Ginga or BooBoo?

1 comment:

Mosilager said...

Ginga for sure, he's the cuddly one. Although he might have been passing it on to BooBoo as well.