31 December 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Happy New Year

Ginga and BooBoo lost each other briefly in the park during New Year celebrations.

Looking for each other?

Then they found each other... but they had to run a long way to meet up!

Puppy-like dog 2

Puppy-like dog


Yay... and Happy New Year 2007 from BooBoo and Ginga. No, BooBoo that's not how you say Happy New Year!!!



lova said...

ppppffff back at u booboo and happy new year

Ellee said...

Ranjit, A very happy New Year to you too.

e said...

Happy New Year!!
Does BooBoo do that often? Stick his tongue out randomly? Or was that an accidental shot?
Fei & E

bess said...

Happy New Year! It's a wonderful place the World of Dogs.

Mosilager said...

e imei took the picture, I think it was a lucky shot, he does lick his muzzle every now and then, I think she caught him just as his tongue was coming out.

bess thanks for the lovely comment.

Di said...

adorable doggies...love them.. :)