21 January 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

Snow and the World of Dogs

The snow fell... GingaBoo were on vacation... but Ginga's daddy aka BooBoo's brother aka BooBoo's uncle (me) showed up to take them for a walk. Otherwise they forget what discipline and not getting spoilt is all about :D. Ginga and I left our footprints in the snow...

Dog Dad Feet Snow

I decided to give the doggies a job - to secure the perimeter. Ginga was a little better at this than BooBoo. BooBoo wanted to dig holes in the fence to get to the rabbits on the other side. Ginga actually checked out stuff that I told him to and then quizzically looked up at me. I guess whatever it was wasn't a threat.


After the hard work of guarding the perimeter, Ginga and BooBoo took off to find some small four-leggeds spies to get news of possible intruders from the other side of the fence (at least that's what they told us):

Squeezing the rabbits for information was hard work, BooBoo comes back for a snack:

After gathering information about insurgents from the spies, BooBoo had some fun in the snow:




lova said...

Nice job throwing snow at the Booster and snapping the picture at the same time :)

imei said...

I am sure there's another person...

Mosilager said...

the doc threw the snow... i snapped the pic. nice to see booboo in full flight though and on camera

Karen Shanley said...

Love the picture of the paw print and boot print together! Love seeing BooBoo and Ginga having fun outside too.

e said...

wow real snow!
Do they like being in the snow much?
Fei has never experienced snow. I wonder if she'll like it.


Mosilager said...

Karen - I love that photo as well.

e - They love snow, and cold weather in general. They have lots and lots of energy and jump and run about even after long walks. Ginga doesn't want to come back inside even after an hour outside. Fei might have some snow in her future now that she is almost in Nippon.