01 December 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Random events

BooBoo thoroughly enjoys a massage... He's saying, "Yes, that's the spot right there."

Yup, right there

Ginga asks Boo what's going on with the toy... "You are 28 years old BooBoo, too old to play with your elephant. Food is much better. Go eat?"

BooBoo: "Hmmm.... fatass took my toy!!! Just listening to him made me hungry. It was his evil plan!"

Ginga: "That was fun, tricking Boo and playing with the elephant. Now I'm tired. Zzzz..."
The cupboard under the stairs...

Boo: "Hmmm have to plot revenge... but so sleepy... I'll plot it by laying down here."
Sleepy Boo

Ginga: "I have to protect... this is serious business... is somebody at the door?"

Ginga: "OK that was no threat, I'll just shake it instead."
Shake it

Ginga: "Boo... nice arse, why don't you shake it with me?"
Nice arse


lova said...

great pics Mosi :)
Did you enroll Ginga in the Zambian army? He looks like he is reporting for duty.

Mosilager said...

ha ha yeah! although no story :( I think we had the idea of starting Ginga as some rank in the army and based upon his good or bad deeds he can be promoted or demoted. At the moment he only seems to be doing good deeds with you (aka not pulling) so he's a captain.

The Dog Blog said...

your blog makes me laugh.hehe