13 December 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Ginga/Boo actually.

Top 10 Xmas hits that the Ginga/Boo refused to sing but that Billy Mack gladly took after the "turd of a record" that is "Xmas is all around". :)
1. "All I want for Xmas is food"
2. " Boonga Wonderland"
3. "Ginga, the big nosed reindeer"
4. "Bark, The winged-dogs sing"

5. "I saw Mummy kissing Santa's pooch"
6. " Have yourself a merry fatty Ginga."
7. "I saw 3 sheeps"
8. "The little drumstick bone"
9. "In Excelsis Ginga"
10. "What treat is this ?"

I am sorry for this, way too many Xmas songs on the radio. :D


Mosilager said...

He he he I think it should be Ginga the big Head reindeer...

Anonymous said...

"Big head reindeer" :)
There is this tune in happy feet that would quite fiting as well but I cannot remember the title...

Rohini said...

Good to see you back. How goes the thesis?