07 December 2006

Pawsted by Mosilager

Park the LIly

Ginga, BooBoo and Lily enjoyed a little play time at the park today.

Ginga and Lily


booboo and lily

BooBoo the rabbits are going to hear you coming a mile away if you run over dry leaves like that!
can dogs gallop?

running dog

Ginga and Booboo played a little together, Lily started following BooBoo around as usual. Lily didn't like any of the treats I had, except at the very end when she was hungry enough to eat the GingaBoo doggie food. Of course Lily's mom didn't want her to eat so much, otherwise she would have to use the air sickness bag in the car... wait... the car has no air sickness bag. BooBoo's right front paw had a little limp yesterday but today there was nothing while he was running around the woods. After coming back home, he started to limp a little. Maybe he's figured out that it gains him quite some attention from worried responsible people.


lova said...

Hey Booboo looks like he is running fine :) Is Lilly smelling Ginga ?

Amanda Lee Jia Hui said...

wow!! pacco really resemble ur booboo...

v both had bushy tail n we r great runners...