08 October 2008

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Ginga and Booboo endorse...

Top 7 reasons why Barack Obama is the choice for Ginga and Booboo:

7) they too got to live the american dream despite foreign parents.
6) because 80% of the rest of the world ( humans and pets) cannot be all wrong.
5) What's the deal with drilling in the polar bears' habitat ? You mess with polar bears, you mess with Ginga and Booboo.
4) You mess with Moose, same deal.
3) Shooting wolves ( Boo's cousins) from a chopper: WTF !?
2) They know all about being attacked based on their odd middle name ( Boo "Nutella" Yu and Ginga "fatasso" Warrier)
1) because Hannity and O'Reilly are just too darn annoying. No one is allowed to bark louder than Booboo and Ginga :).


imei said...

you are darn right (wink wink)!!

shilpa said...

Nice one Lova!..
Not to mention he does not insist on addressing us as his Friends.( thats just breaking the 'No biscuits,No friends deal'!)

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Mosilager said...

:) Way to go, GingaBoo, and great post, Lova.