19 April 2008

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Of Fear, Food and Friendship

An "awww" moment on thursday:
As you may know, Cleo the kitty is now roaming freely in the appartment with Ginga and Booboo. They are indifferent to each other most of the time. It's especially true for the kitty and Ginga because Ginga is a bit intimidated by cats, for reason that Daisuke explained previously. Booboo is still trying to run at the kitty from time to time but kitty is less and less impressed so it's not as fun for Booboo.
Thursday, Ginga was in the bedroom with me, Kitty was napping in the hallway between the bedroom and the living room and Booboo was with I-mei in the living. I decided to get a drink for myself and treats for the doggies. I stepped over the stretching cat and open the treat bag, a sure signal that two fluffy heads will come soon enough with very interested looks on them. So I am quite surprised when only one set of pointy ears approached the kitchen. I turned around to look for the other 4-legged barker and I saw a doggy anxiously seating down by the end of the hallway, torn between proceeding towards the kitchen and not disturbing the queen kitty laying in the middle of the hallway.

You have to understand that there are very few things that can keep Ginga away from snacks. A burning fire is probably one ( not positive though) and the cat apparently, is another one. Cleo's psychological ascendancy on Ginga by now is well established. Cleo is, dare I say, the alpha-dog in the group. Booboo at first, was totally focused on not missing out on his treats but he realized that his partner-in-crime is oddly missing. He observed the whole scene, Ginga, the cat and the treats, then he analyzed the situation and knew what he had to do. He growled slightly to let the cat know he was coming and got a starting run. The cat jumped up and ran towards the other room. Ginga knew he had only a short window to escape so he got the clue and rushed towards the kitchen as Booboo made the diversion.
And that's how Booboo delivered Ginga from the "mean queen" Cleo and got him to get his favorite treats.
Another tale of fear, food and friendship in Lafayette, IN. Expect the unexpected. Booboo would never openly admit it but he does have a soft spot for his rounder brother Ginga. He is also warming up to his new sister but, one day at a time.


Anonymous said...

Very sweet! And after a long time a nicely narrated story. Thanks!

Mosilager said...

brilliant... poor fatass...

Turbo the Sibe said...

Wonderful photos!

lova said...

thank you all~~ The fatass is not poor~~ He is HAPPY that he is no longer the fattest in the house !
we will be updating more often from now (at least we'll try)