07 October 2006

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

You can't handle the Ruffff !

Sorry I was bored. It's all Mosilager's fault. Hehe (Big Ginga smile here).
I should have used the stills above but it's too late now :(.
Transcript of the scene from the original" a few good men" film here.


Mosilager said...

Ha ha ha that's hilarious! ginga is very Colonel Jessup lookin and BooBoo is very Tom Cruis-ish

lova said...

I was a little short on the right Ginga Boo pics so if you have more expressive ones...:) Would have been better to use the original scene and put GB's heads on... oh well...not that literate yet ;)
Ginga as we all know, likes discipline and order so Jessup was a shoe in; Boo is more rebellious, young fool kinda...;)

lova said...

OT: it probably deserves a post of its own but here is the football match of the century (in honor of RSA-Zambia tmrw)
Nietzche red carded and Socrates scores ! Priceless!

artnavy said...


e said...

Was that baby boo boo in the video with very blue puppy eyes??

Thanks for your comments about being separated from Fei. Now everyone is back and the pack is reunited.

Fei & E