24 August 2008

Pawsted by imei


Dear daddy,

Mommy Imei tells me that today is your birthday. Happy Birthday (Wooof wooof)!!
I didn't really know what birthday is. Then she tells me that it's the day you can have a whole cake. It must be a really nice day! She says whoever wishes you happy birthday usually share a piece, too. Does that mean I get some cakes??
Did I tell you that last week when we went to the park I found really nice smelly water and managed to get all dark and messy?? And this time it didn't come off!!! Finally I am just like booboo!! But mommy washed both of us with stinky soap and it was all gone :(
I have been doing really well the whole summer! We had a lot of cheese sticks and honey. The little black cat no longer scratches my butt, and she likes to mimic my poses now. I think she looks a lot like me. How is your vacation so far?? Mommy says you are at a hot place with lions. Can you bring me back one? It sounds delicious!!
Okay, gotta go eat now!! Happy Birthday WOOF WOOF~~


PS: here is a birthday song from Booboo and I:


mosilager said...

gb's, lova, imei, thanks a lot. This was very sweet of you guys. Love you all.

Rohini said...

Hey Mosi. Happy belated. Hope it was good.

Quincy said...

Hi! Just dropping by to show your blog some love. Hope your daddy had a great birthday


Mosilager said...

Thanks Rohini and Quincy. I did have a great time.