11 February 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

Bow to the snow



Happy BooBoo in BW


Ginga Elephant Leg

Portrait of Ginga

Portrait of Ginga in BW

Athletic BooBoo

BooBoo hunting


lova said...

Beautiful, thank you :)

Therese said...

Absolutely wondeful pictures! It looks like the dogs were really enjoying it.

e said...

these are such beautiful pictures. we never get to see such snow where we are.

Karen Shanley said...

Awww... is right! This just puts a smile on your face. Great pics.

e said...

Fei has a special message for you on her blog!
Fei & E

p.s. you're the first on the list!

Shilpa said...

bliss!! that's what they look like they're feeling. did they make snow angels too? :) great pics, btw.

Shazzer said...

The look like they're having a ball! Stay warm everybody!

Ranjit said...

lova it was fun taking them, and also reverse engineering the ginga portrait to look like it was taken from an slr.

therese give them snow and they are in their element. when it gets hot they just lay around suffering.

e I thought it snowed in Tokyo sometimes... maybe I'm mistaking for the northern part of Japan. Thanks for the V-day wishes.. lots of hugs from Ginga and Boo to Fei.

karen :)

shilpa no but they did make some 'dark angels' - you don't wanna know... they did attempt to make some angels out of rabbits and squirrels but luckily did not catch any.

shazzer we actually got off school for 2 days - never happened in the history of purdue before I think.