20 February 2007

Pawsted by Lova Rakotomalala

Velvet is Ginga and Boo's hero

This is a very nice story from Mount Hood, Oregon:
"Thanks to a high-tech electronic gadget and a big warm dog named Velvet, three climbers rescued after a harrowing fall and a night in the wind and cold high on Mount Hood are expected to be fine."

The 3 climbers and velvet, a black labrador mix disappeared over an icy ledge. They huddled up together around velvet to keep warm before rescuers can arrive and they are all mostly safe now.

Ginga and Booboo are now in intensive training to withstand the cold and find food during a snow storm as this video can attest :). If that fails, there are always other career options such as baritone opera singer for Ginga and random barking alarm for Booboo :).

Sound: The killers," all these things that I have done"

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