15 February 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

Blizzard of 2007: updated.

Lova and I have been bad and posted Ginga/Boo stuff on our pages instead of here, where they are supposed to go. So, here are the links:

Indiana winterstorm

How not to behave during midwest blizzards.

Till next time, here's a short GB video:

update: Mosi, you are right. We need more Ginga and Boo photos here. Here are how Ginga and Booboo like to savor their blizzard.
Ginga: looking for food in the snow...

Booboo: inside, on the couch, making sure Ginga's not wandering too far....

Ginga: ran through a pile of snow that was in his way towards freedom. BTW, nice derriere, Ginga :).

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e said...

I feel the cold !!!