24 February 2007

Pawsted by Mosilager

Black... the pets are all black

The fatass Kitty was just sitting around

Kitty Sits

So we gave her something to do... she had some fun catching the string. Her claws are the reason why GB don't meet her very often.
Kitty Catches String

I think Lova took this pic... I love it, looks like snow next to a river and there's a sunset to boot. edit: Lova says I-mei took the photo. Thanks Imei.
Ginga Boo Sunset

BooBoo is the King of the hill, and he's enjoying the view
BooBoo Looks Sunset

Time to climb down the hill
BooBoo Climb Down

Although G-man does not quite fit with the theme of the post... he does have some black on him so here is Ginga...
Ginga sleeps on a shoe
...and no he's not eating the shoe, he's using it as a pillow. Lazy Ginga.


Karen Shanley said...

Not posted under "awww"? These are such sweet pics. Ginga's a shoe man too, eh? So is Graidy. Except he carries them around to lay on them. The morning question around here isn't, "How'd you sleep" but rather "Have you seen my other shoe?"

lova said...

on the 2nd photo, Cleo looks like she's been inhaling helium and is ready to blow up :).
Credits for the "sunset Boo" photo goes to Imei. ;)

Mosilager said...

karen thanks for telling me... have rectified the error. that's hilarious! ginga was using a toy as a pillow but then rearranged himself so that he then had to use lova's shoe.

lova cleo does look just like that. have changed photo credit accordingly.

imei said...

For the record, kitty is just preparing for the winter....(oh, it's over??!!)

lova said...

well, kitty is over-prepared then :).
And in "the for the record" category, Ginga is laying on my shoe because I promised him cheese sticks if he keeps them warm.

Mosilager said...

Kitty is missing her daddy the Gentle Giant (TM). That's why she eats. Oh wait... she's lighter since she left him. never mind.

e said...

I love that sunset photo too. I feel the cold just looking at the snow in the photos.

Daisuke said...

Origins of Ginga: Ginga is a from a far far away land called south bend in indiana where he had many brothers and sisters and a mom. He was only 3 or 4 months old then. His friendly personality stood out amongst his siblings. We were immediately melted by his cuteness. So we put him in our car. He cried all the way to W laf and for few more days... he really missed his mom and family. But soon ginga mixed up with us and became a integral part of our family... His name was decided from the famous Japaneses Anime called "GINGA", story of an Akita Inu pup called Gin (Japanese for "silver") who leaves his owner, a young boy named Daisuke, to join a pack of wild dogs. The pack is gathering strong dogs from all over Japan to fight a deranged bear named Akakabuto and his minions... (although i am not sure if ginga is on such a mission looking at his fitness and reading abt his eating habits)..more abt ginga's life before joining the new family...

Amrita said...

Loooove the pic of Ginga - he's soo lazy!! And the sunset photo is beautiful :)

Give the GB hugs from me